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How Can Sales Software Lead You to an Efficient and Effective Customer Relationship?

By Steve Stroz on Aug 20, 2018 3:00:00 PM

It is highly critical for businesses to make their office processes and practices a smooth process. Since it is such an important task, some businesses use sales software as a means to streamline processes in their offices. When a business streamlines certain tasks, it leaves more time to focus on other important duties. You already know how challenging and complicated handling all of the sales tasks can be, and they can all vary. Sales software can make the process much easier for your business. Your assignments can be automated, and your employees can receive a notice or a reminder about when to contact customers. The entire process can be tracked so everyone can determine if any improvements need to be made.

Improving and maintaining relationships with customers can result in everyone's goal being accomplished, which should be making and closing a sale. When your employees are organized and all of the office data is organized, your business will have a better chance of accomplishing your sales goals.

How can sales software from Gold Coast Advisors help your business?

You will not have to spend countless time searching for sales information. With sales software, you can find information quickly, whenever you need it. When you need to find certain notes that you have made, potential sales opportunities, and future appointments, you can quickly find this information just by using the search tool. 
You can easily manage all of your customers. You can have access to a number of important communication information so you can effectively assist your customers when they need help with your products or services. You will typically have this information available to you from the purchases that have been made, or from the point-of-sale systems.
Improve your understanding of the customers. When you have customer information in front of you, you will gain an understanding of what the customers like. When you know what products and services customers recently purchased, you will have a high chance of predicting what other services or products they may want in the future.
When you are able to track your sales, your marketing efforts, and all of the activities of your employees you are giving your business a chance to improve and grow.

Contact us for any assistance or questions you may have about implementing sales software in your business.

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How Can Social Media Marketing Software Improve The Image of Your Business?

By Steve Stroz on Aug 17, 2018 3:30:00 PM

In these times, any business that uses computers or other mobile devices is probably active on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. This does not necessarily mean that the business completely uses the full benefits of the social media networks, or uses them to their full potential. When this happens, it becomes unfortunate because there are numerous benefits waiting for companies to explore. What makes these networks so great is that they do not cost a penny to use.

Social media marketing has taken over the traditional methods of advertising and marketing, especially when it comes to finding potential customers or prospects. Since people love sharing the products they love and the services they use, instead of talking about it, people take to social media to post a status about it or tweet about it. There are different ideas and platforms that a small business and medium-sized business can really use to enjoy all of the great benefits that the larger businesses accomplish with their big marketing campaigns.

A social media marketing software can help companies engage with their customers in their own element, which can truly be an effective way to engage and connect with the customers the company seeks to target. If a company has ever considered creating a stronger customer base by using social media networks, then a software can be the option or solution it is searching for. A software can make marketing by social media easier and less time-consuming.

When you use social media marketing software, companies can find easier ways to find potential customers who are constantly involved with social media networks. A software designed to help you market your brand on social media can search for actual conversations that are being discussed. Those conversations can be about things they are considering purchasing or the kinds of services they are looking to find.

When the software helps find those conversations, a product or service can be shared with the people involved in the conversations. There can also be a way to offer the potential customers a little bit more if they agree to share the conversations or statuses with their friends or followers.

Social media definitely has the power to join potential customers and businesses together because of the incredible method of communication. Everyone has the opportunities to freely express their ideas and suggestions that could help a business grow. There are endless possibilities and opportunities out there.

Is your business doing all it needs to do to be one of the best on social media? Contact us, and with our diverse portfolio we can assist your company with whatever it needs.
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ACT! Software Allows Sales Teams To Interact With Customers On Social Media; Facilitates 'Cross-Selling'.

By Steve Stroz on Aug 15, 2018 3:00:00 PM

Part of your success as a business owner relies heavily on the files you keep on your growing customer base. You’ve managed to created a ‘customized’ spreadsheet linked to cells that link to other tabs with full profiles and product-purchase history; too, you use Outlook to keep track of suppliers, including those on your most-favored lists.

Do-away with silos of information...

But the many silos of information are making it difficult for your growing sales team to really provide good customer service, such as knowing when to cross-sell your wide range of products. After all, your records do show that is a source of growing revenue---when it’s performed by your sales people consistently.

Reach customers wherever they ‘hang out’...

Now with all of your customer data integrated through the ACT! Software platform, your sales team can not only reach their customers on their social media channels, send an em about a relevant product promotion as well as generate sales reports; this, without moving in-and-around and-out-of separate files or documents.

Mobile-access increases sales productivity...

What’s more, the sales team can access this info while they’re in customer’s lobby, or enroute to a client meeting; and furthermore users can still interact with Outlook, Office Google, Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn from inside the Act! module.

Use it for collaboration and hot-call follow ups!

Checking quotes, client/vendor payments and even collaborating with other stakeholders on a project is easily accomplished. Marketing departments can create more targeted campaigns by analyzing customer data to select groups of customers. Moreover, automated call lists can reflect those ‘hot leads’ to followup on.

For sure, Act! software remains one of the most productive tools for business today, providing the level of Contact and CRM features to make business more profitable.

Contact us to learn how this software can be customized to expand with your business.
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Sales Process Improvement: Cornerstone of CRM Software.

By Steve Stroz on Aug 13, 2018 3:00:00 PM

Business owners are always seeking new ways of achieving Sales Process Improvement to increase revenue. Often, though, an owner may not have the time to diligently search the latest tools in technology.

Sadly, its the company’s customers who are hurt: they are not benefiting from the transparency and communication derived from software like a proven Customer Relations Management (CRM) platform.  

In fact, a study of companies on a fast-track for growth indicated that 63 percent of those with the highest trending growth (revenue) were using CRM software.

CRM and sales planning…

Instead of numerous sales people working independently in ill-defined territories, CRM software analyzes those silos of isolated information; then, it can produce forecasting reports to help managers assign sales teams to optimize their efforts.

CRM and Lead Conversion…

Forget about the task of assigning all of those incoming leads when they’ve gone ‘cold.’ CRM programs will track incoming leads to provide assignments to productive salespeople.

In short, CRM helps track sales quotas and create sales strategies.

CRM helps the customer 'win'…

Knowing what your customer needs, and when he’s most likely to need it, is the key to exacting more revenue from the best sourcer: your existing customers.

CRM will make customer profiles easy to access remotely on an array of smart devices; this, while managing customer contracts.

Analysis of data…

Leads are not only tracked more efficiently, but the information is readily available to assist sales teams in ‘cross-selling’ by understanding customer needs.

Pricing and order completion…

Instead of sales teams putting customers on hold, or calling them back because they don’t have current pricing data, CRM provides a seamless channel to the latest company information.

What’s more, the orders can be completed via CRM, which speeds up the process and makes for a happy customers.

We work with lots of CRM software, including ACT!, Hubspot, Salesforce and Zoho, making it our goal to know the ins and outs of the programs and the industry surrounding it.

Contact us to learn more about CRM software, and how it can be customized to grow with your business---without starting all over again with new software!

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Contact Management Software Can Be The Solution To Your Sales Organization's Struggles

By Steve Stroz on Aug 10, 2018 4:00:00 PM

You are one of several people who have a career sales. Congratulations because you are in a great deal of luck. There are several opportunities and advances that makes it much easier to sell products and services. Contact management software, like ACT!, Hubspot, Salesforce, or Zoho, is important in any sales operation because it is a key that can get everything started.

Know Who You Are Interacting With

With everything that is involved with selling products and services, it is important that everyone knows about their prospects. You have to find out everything your potential customers want and need. When you use contact management software, you will be able to track every bit of information of your prospects, clients, and customers. You can store all information and communication activities that occur during the sales process.

Paint A Picture Of Your Prospects

When someone wants to find something pertaining to a particular customer, there should be enough stored information that will allow anyone to paint a picture of who that person is and what that person likes. Whenever you are attempting to sale something, you have to know who you are speaking with. You need enough confidence to effectively win the customer and knock the sale out of the park. One of the main purposes in using the software is that everyone who looks at the information can understand what goes on during the process of selling products and services.

Make Selling Happen On A Consistent Basis

When every one in the office is on the same page or at least in the same book, it makes it easier to handle things on a consistent basis. When using contact management software, everyone will be able to determine what selling techniques are being used so they can successfully make a sale. People will know that whenever they are in contact with your business or organization, every one of your colleagues will all be linked together.

When everyone is linked together and everyone knows that is going on, you can provide outstanding services and experiences. Contact management software will keep everyone on track. The contact management software will keep up with everyone's daily tasks and responsibilities; you will not have to worry about anyone wasting precious time.

Contact us if you want to find out how this software can work for your business. 
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ACT! Software provides mobile access to customer data in the field and on the road.

By Steve Stroz on Aug 8, 2018 4:30:00 PM

Staying competitive in today’s global economy relies on the latest technology platforms to improve sales and customer relations. That means using old marketing methods like combing through Outlook to create an email list for that next campaign, or using Excel spreadsheets for sales reports and earning projections, remain inefficient and unproductive.

Customer data: location...location...

For one thing, consider all of the locations where your key data resides, from documents and files kept on-premise among numerous PCs to notes attached to documents ‘filed away’ in the cabinet behind you.

When that key customer calls, salespeople need immediate access to his purchasing history, and what other products or services (cross selling) he might be interested in.

All of this must happen in a behind-the-scene manner, so the attention during the phone call, for example, is on the customer versus trying to navigate upteen windows to piece together the client’s profile.

Still use ‘Outlook’ but more efficiently…

ACT! Software lets users enter contact information quickly, and utilizes the ‘Outlook Integration’ feature to instantly create a new contact info right from an Outlook email.

Create ‘groups’ with similar profiles…

Sales people normal work with many clients with similar needs; rather than view multiple screens for info, ACT! allows the creation of a Dynamic Group: it will list all the clients meeting a certain filter set by the user.

Outside sales can benefit with ‘BatchGeo’...

A widely popular add-on, this module shows a map location of clients to assist outside sales teams in scheduling their calls.

Mobile access…

Customer profiles, sales info and other on-demand reports can be generating via smart devices, be it cell phone or tablet. Productivity takes on a new meaning as sales teams can collaborate on the road and in the field.

Contact us to learn more about customizing ACT! for your organization.
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How Marketing Software Can Give Your Business Consistency

By Steve Stroz on Aug 6, 2018 3:00:00 PM

While some businesses rely on the skill of an individual person to do business, this is generally not the most effective method of doing business because it is unreliable and hard to repeat success. Each individual is going to be slightly different in their methods of communication with customers, which can lead to inconsistencies from your employees and dissatisfied customers at times.

It is better to create fluidity with marketing software, which will help you get all of your employees on the same pathway that will lead to the same positive results.

Better Handling of Customer Data

Marketing software allows for customer information to be stored and accessed within seconds. Instead of an employee having to pull up some data or not have any at all, they will have plenty of information at their disposal to use for providing the greatest experience.

Consistent Customer Communication

As a business, you need to work on representing the same positive image to every potential and existing customer out there. Unfortunately, this cannot be accomplished without marketing software because your employees will lack the ability to communicate with customers in the same manner every time. Marketing software gives you what you need to be consistent in providing superb customer service.

Higher Performance Levels

When your employees and customers and communicating at an overall positive level, you will notice that customers make more purchases and employees work better than normal. It is a change that can be permanent when you use marketing software and make sure your employees use it as well.

Consistency is just one benefit that comes with marketing software. Contact us with any questions you may have, to acquire more information about our marketing software, or to get your hands on this software that is certain to bring success.
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Why the Entire Company Should Use CRM Software

By Steve Stroz on Aug 2, 2018 3:00:00 PM

CRM software will improve many companies' business operations, but there are a few things they can do to take it a step further. One of which deals with coordination across departments within the company.

CRM software, like ACT!, Hubspot, Salesforce, and Zoho, will have the most powerful impact if all employees are using the system. This keeps employees informed not just about the company, but also about current clients.

This is particularly important for sales representatives. It's crucial that they know the most recent customer interactions from all different perspectives. A recent Forbes article explains how collaboration can improve the experience for representatives:

“It’s about more than just sales and salespeople. Have you ever called a customer to talk about your new offering only to find out that they are having a major problem right now? Most of us have had that happen. Ensure that your entire organization uses the platform to document customer interactions. Of course, your salespeople need the discipline to check the system before contacting the customer.”

Sales representatives should be using CRM software to constantly stay informed and updated about their clients. This makes the sales process more efficient, as representatives know their clients' patterns and when they'll be ready for their next order.

But with coordination, all of the weight doesn't fall on the shoulders of sales representatives. They certainly have the responsibility to use the software, but that doesn't mean other employees shouldn't use it as well. When the entire company is contributing to and keeping updated with CRM software, the employees are more informed and in touch with the sales process.

Keeping track of all customer interactions on CRM software leads to future customer loyalty. Clients know that the company cares about them and they feel more like a respected client than a source of money.

If you would like more information about CRM software, contact us.
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Sending Surveys After Customer Interactions with CRM Software

By Steve Stroz on Aug 1, 2018 3:00:00 PM

CRM software has several different functions that can be used for different purposes. In the end, it's all about bringing loyal customers back for future business by offering supreme customer service. CRM software helps businesses achieve this end.

A recent Forbes article outlines the three major functions of CRM software, which are listed as follows:

Tracking and managing customer purchases and contact at major touch points including the phone, email, chat and social media.
Customer history and segmentation information is provided to the Customer Service Representative (CSR) to identify the most appropriate sales offer and manage the sales process.
Surveying customers (usually by email) after the contact. The results are included in the database for reference by the next CSR.
The third function is the one we'll be focusing on in this blog. Surveying customers after an order or interaction is important for several reasons. First of all, it lets businesses know how they're doing or if their customer service was adequate. In addition, it lets customers know that the company wants to follow up with them and make sure they're doing OK. The company isn't just giving the client attention prior to a purchase, they're also making sure they're satisfied and will come back again.

Do companies need CRM software to send surveys out to customers? In principle, no. But if companies want to stay organized, send surveys out punctually, and keep track of all of their responses, then it would be hard to do without the software.

CRM software takes some of the burden off of employees when it comes to customer service. It keeps clients, employees, and data organized so the business is up-to-date with their customer relations. In the case of sending surveys, businesses can use the software to send automatic emails after customer interactions.

If you would like more information about CRM software, contact us.
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Integrating CRM Software with Marketing Automated Software

By Steve Stroz on Jul 27, 2018 4:30:00 PM

When it comes to their function and use, CRM systems are very flexible. Their features could benefit businesses in several different ways. Innovative business managers will find ways to use their CRM software to its full potential.

CRM software, like ACT!, Hubspot, Salesforce, and Zoho, is also compatible with other software. It won't interfere with other applications and in some cases, it may even be able to integrate with them. This helps businesses stay organized with their software and applications.

In particular, CRM software works especially well with marketing automation software. The combination of the two be can the perfect link between customer service, sales, and marketing teams for small businesses.

A recent Tech Target article explains how CRM systems can be integrated with marketing automated software. According to the article, businesses can even motivate marketers to use the system:

“To drive home the use of CRM for a marketing department, create enthusiasm about its use by creating custom objects when necessary. A ticketing system that allows sales and others to make marketing collateral requests via the CRM system has had great success in not only improving marketing integration, but also user adoption. This enables marketing to track the requests it receives, how long it takes to answer these requests, and who handles them within a department.”

Marketers should be encouraged to use CRM software, but they're not always motivated to do so. If this is the case, businesses need to think of ideas on how to get them to willingly use the software.

To do this, businesses need to offer incentives and give marketers a reason to check the CRM software. As suggested in the article, businesses can implement a ticketing system to make marketing collateral requests. Marketers are then encouraged to respond to the requests on the software and interact with other employees in different departments. This strategy can help businesses organize their company through CRM software.

If you would like more information about CRM software or anything else, contact us.  Thanks.

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