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Sending Out Surveys with CRM Software

By Steve Stroz on Jan 2, 2019 3:30:00 PM

CRM Software

CRM software has many applications in regard to your marketing efforts. It makes staying in touch with contacts easy and reminds customers of their relationship with your business.

It's ultimately up to you what kind of messages you send to subscribers. You can create a weekly newsletter that informs them about your industry or notify them of upcoming sales.

One thing we recommend all businesses to do is send surveys out to subscribers. A recent Sports Daily article explains how this can improve your customer relations and brand image:

"If you have not heard this the surveys here are the most integral part of a CRM strategy and a great way for the business. Have you wondered what people think about your products and services and your company. Ask customers what they want and if they would require any sort of a help and how things could be improved. All this in turn would show that your care and their opinion matter a lot."

Surveys are important for a couple of reasons. For one, they can give you insight into how you can improve your business processes. If several customers are offering the same suggestion, then you can be sure that others thought the same thing. Having this knowledge can only help.

In addition, sending out surveys shows that you're interested in your customers' opinions. It's a sign that you care about them and their well-being and you're willing to hear them out and listen to their thoughts.

Sending out surveys can be a pain -- unless you have CRM software. No one wants to send out individual emails one-by-one, but with CRM software, you can automate the process. In addition, you can keep records of who responded to your survey and what they said. All in all, it simplifies the process and brings more results.

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