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ACT! Software provides mobile access to customer data in the field and on the road.

By Steve Stroz on Aug 8, 2018 4:30:00 PM

Staying competitive in today’s global economy relies on the latest technology platforms to improve sales and customer relations. That means using old marketing methods like combing through Outlook to create an email list for that next campaign, or using Excel spreadsheets for sales reports and earning projections, remain inefficient and unproductive.

Customer data: location...location...

For one thing, consider all of the locations where your key data resides, from documents and files kept on-premise among numerous PCs to notes attached to documents ‘filed away’ in the cabinet behind you.

When that key customer calls, salespeople need immediate access to his purchasing history, and what other products or services (cross selling) he might be interested in.

All of this must happen in a behind-the-scene manner, so the attention during the phone call, for example, is on the customer versus trying to navigate upteen windows to piece together the client’s profile.

Still use ‘Outlook’ but more efficiently…

ACT! Software lets users enter contact information quickly, and utilizes the ‘Outlook Integration’ feature to instantly create a new contact info right from an Outlook email.

Create ‘groups’ with similar profiles…

Sales people normal work with many clients with similar needs; rather than view multiple screens for info, ACT! allows the creation of a Dynamic Group: it will list all the clients meeting a certain filter set by the user.

Outside sales can benefit with ‘BatchGeo’...

A widely popular add-on, this module shows a map location of clients to assist outside sales teams in scheduling their calls.

Mobile access…

Customer profiles, sales info and other on-demand reports can be generating via smart devices, be it cell phone or tablet. Productivity takes on a new meaning as sales teams can collaborate on the road and in the field.

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