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Send Timely Emails with CRM Software

Sep 27, 2019 4:31:40 PM

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CRM software is most effective when used in conjunction with email marketing. It helps businesses stay away from their bad habits and send effective timely emails. Here's everything you need to know:

Don't send emails arbitrarily

Email marketing just isn't effective without a strategy. And even if you have one, it won't work unless you stick with it. Unfortunately, most businesses have proven incapable of doing so. There are consequences which sometimes outweigh the benefits of email marketing.

Use CRM software to send timely emails

With CRM software, businesses can send emails when they're most effective, i.e., right before a returning customer places an order. This helps you get more out of your email marketing campaign, and thus increase its ROI.

This Marketing Land article explains why basing your emails off of CRM software rather than an arbitrary schedule is preferred:

"It’s not uncommon for marketers to set all-encompassing limits on the number of emails customers receive per week. This is a mistake. Assuming every subscriber doesn’t want to receive more than two or three messages per week neglects your highly engaged subscribers who may be waiting impatiently to receive the next offer. Avoid making blanket statements about your subscriber base and focus on drilling down on the subscriber level."

How could you possibly know how often a particular customer wants to receive emails without analyzing data? CRM software answers this question for you.

Evaluate your campaign

Although CRM software is a good complement to an email marketing campaign, it's not a solution for all your problems. Running a proper campaign requires testing, and lots of it.

This applies to your CRM software as well. You might find that it's better to change exactly when you send a customer an email. Still, this process of trial-and-error is much simpler and more effective than the alternative.

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Steve Stroz

Written by Steve Stroz

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