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Why You Should Integrate Marketing Automation with CRM Software

Jun 18, 2018 3:00:00 PM

Businesses can integrate their CRM software to work with their other marketing programs and applications. One of the benefits of the software is that it will twist and bend to fit your marketing process, and not the other way around.

Marketing automation is now in just about every digital marketing platform. You can use marketing automation to access data and analytics about your target market, send personalized messages to a large audience, and take care of simple, yet essential marketing tasks.

Moreover, you can integrate marketing automation with your CRM software (ACT!, HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho). For best results, businesses will use both of these aspects to improve their marketing and contact management.

A recent Business 2 Community article talks about integrating CRM software and marketing automation. The article explains how the two are separate but work well with each other:

"The more you understand your customer, the more targeted and strategic you can be in your communications. Tools provided by marketing automation can capture relevant data pertaining to your target audience, like how online visitors reached your website, which pages they visited (and for what duration of time), at which page they left, and where they went next."

Marketing automation provides businesses with a whole new well of data and analytics about their target market. Businesses can use this information to carry out more effective marketing campaigns.

In addition, they can also give this information to sales representatives to improve their customer relations. Sales representatives will learn more about their clients' behavior, interests, and purchase history.

Marketing automation is now a cornerstone of digital marketing. Many businesses already incorporate it into their marketing strategies to get data and analytics related to their target audience. To get even more out of marketing automation, you can implement it with CRM software and improve your customer relations.

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Steve Stroz

Written by Steve Stroz

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