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Sales Process Improvement: Cornerstone of CRM Software.

Aug 13, 2018 3:00:00 PM

Business owners are always seeking new ways of achieving Sales Process Improvement to increase revenue. Often, though, an owner may not have the time to diligently search the latest tools in technology.

Sadly, its the company’s customers who are hurt: they are not benefiting from the transparency and communication derived from software like a proven Customer Relations Management (CRM) platform.  

In fact, a study of companies on a fast-track for growth indicated that 63 percent of those with the highest trending growth (revenue) were using CRM software.

CRM and sales planning…

Instead of numerous sales people working independently in ill-defined territories, CRM software analyzes those silos of isolated information; then, it can produce forecasting reports to help managers assign sales teams to optimize their efforts.

CRM and Lead Conversion…

Forget about the task of assigning all of those incoming leads when they’ve gone ‘cold.’ CRM programs will track incoming leads to provide assignments to productive salespeople.

In short, CRM helps track sales quotas and create sales strategies.

CRM helps the customer 'win'…

Knowing what your customer needs, and when he’s most likely to need it, is the key to exacting more revenue from the best sourcer: your existing customers.

CRM will make customer profiles easy to access remotely on an array of smart devices; this, while managing customer contracts.

Analysis of data…

Leads are not only tracked more efficiently, but the information is readily available to assist sales teams in ‘cross-selling’ by understanding customer needs.

Pricing and order completion…

Instead of sales teams putting customers on hold, or calling them back because they don’t have current pricing data, CRM provides a seamless channel to the latest company information.

What’s more, the orders can be completed via CRM, which speeds up the process and makes for a happy customers.

We work with lots of CRM software, including ACT!, Hubspot, Salesforce and Zoho, making it our goal to know the ins and outs of the programs and the industry surrounding it.

Contact us to learn more about CRM software, and how it can be customized to grow with your business---without starting all over again with new software!

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Steve Stroz

Written by Steve Stroz

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