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ACT! Software Allows Sales Teams To Interact With Customers On Social Media; Facilitates 'Cross-Selling'.

Aug 15, 2018 3:00:00 PM

Part of your success as a business owner relies heavily on the files you keep on your growing customer base. You’ve managed to created a ‘customized’ spreadsheet linked to cells that link to other tabs with full profiles and product-purchase history; too, you use Outlook to keep track of suppliers, including those on your most-favored lists.

Do-away with silos of information...

But the many silos of information are making it difficult for your growing sales team to really provide good customer service, such as knowing when to cross-sell your wide range of products. After all, your records do show that is a source of growing revenue---when it’s performed by your sales people consistently.

Reach customers wherever they ‘hang out’...

Now with all of your customer data integrated through the ACT! Software platform, your sales team can not only reach their customers on their social media channels, send an em about a relevant product promotion as well as generate sales reports; this, without moving in-and-around and-out-of separate files or documents.

Mobile-access increases sales productivity...

What’s more, the sales team can access this info while they’re in customer’s lobby, or enroute to a client meeting; and furthermore users can still interact with Outlook, Office Google, Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn from inside the Act! module.

Use it for collaboration and hot-call follow ups!

Checking quotes, client/vendor payments and even collaborating with other stakeholders on a project is easily accomplished. Marketing departments can create more targeted campaigns by analyzing customer data to select groups of customers. Moreover, automated call lists can reflect those ‘hot leads’ to followup on.

For sure, Act! software remains one of the most productive tools for business today, providing the level of Contact and CRM features to make business more profitable.

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Steve Stroz

Written by Steve Stroz

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