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How CRM Software Leads to Consistency and Client Loyalty

Nov 15, 2018 3:00:00 PM

When searching for a business partner or supplier, one thing clients are looking for is consistency. Clients want to be paired with one salesman who will take care of all of their future orders. This is beneficial for both sides, as the salesmen can remember the past orders of the client and make things more convenient in the future.

Unfortunately, even though many businesses promise this level of consistency, only few regularly deliver. Some businesses become disorganized and rather than assigning clients to a specific salesman, they throw all of their clients into a big pool. This doesn't bode well for consistency or client loyalty.

A recent Fox News article discusses this problem and explains how CRM software can help solve it. According to the article, it's very common for clients to be matched with new salesmen every time they call the company:

"We've all had this experience: The second time we call into a company to buy a product or get support, we talk to a different person than the first time, and we need to re-educate the new person about our business or problem. It typically doesn't lead to a good experience, and we, as the consumer, feel that the vendor doesn't really understand us."

The article also explains how CRM software takes care of this problem on its own. CRM software organizes client information so it's easier for salesmen to keep track of past clients. This can help solve the problem of the large pool of clients and salesmen can keep doing business with the same clients.

With CRM software, the purchasing process is much simpler for clients. Upon their call or email, a sales representative of the company is already prepared with their past information so they can successfully guide them through their new purchase.

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Steve Stroz

Written by Steve Stroz

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