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Sales Process Improvements: Showing Gratitude towards Customers

May 1, 2019 3:30:00 PM

Sales Process Improvement

The beginning of the sales process has traditionally been considered the most important part. But now that most sales representatives know how to get a prospective customer's attention, businesses are shifting their attention to the end of the process.

How you treat your customers after a sale is the most important factor of customer loyalty. If they get the feeling that you just wanted them for their business, then they'll have no motivation to come back again.

Showing gratitude to customers and keeping in touch with them is the best way to build customer loyalty. According to a recent Small Business Trends article, a nice gesture after a sale can help you keep the customer forever:

"No one owes you business. Be sure to thank your customers for their business. Showing gratitude with a personal call or note of thanks can go a log way. Over deliver if you can. Surprise a customer with an early delivery of their products. If you build a relationship and constantly add value to the relationship you will have customer for life."

Customer loyalty is a common thread among successful businesses. It's not a sustainable strategy to keep looking for new customers and letting them go after one transaction. You'll eventually run out of leads and your sales process will dry up.

If your customers keep coming back, on the other hand, then you won't need to constantly search for new leads. As a bonus, doing business with returning customers is considerably cheaper than recruiting new ones. All in all, fostering customer loyalty is a top priority for all businesses.

The beginning of the sales process is important, but most sales representatives know what they're doing in that regard. It's more efficient to focus on the end of the sales process and build customer loyalty. For more information about sales process improvements, or anything else, contact us today.

Steve Stroz

Written by Steve Stroz

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